I Choose God.

October 6, 2013

Choices start from the heart. The heart causes me to communicate the way I connect with the world and people around me. I have chosen at times to be kind and sweet, other times not so kind and sweet. At times I have chosen to play it cool, only to turn around when no one was looking to allow my eyes to form a tear or two. I have chosen to laugh at funny things in times when inside my heart, I was far from being happy.

At times I have chosen to smile to set the example, and other times I didn’t care and became real. I have chosen to sometimes respond to difficult situations in a loveable way, but other times in a very hateful way. At times, I have caused hurt upon others without ever meaning to, because I chose selfishness. At one time I chose to not forgive those who have hurt me to instead become bitter and angry. Often by our own hand, we are the ones who prevent our hearts healing from wounds.

At one time I hated and condemned myself for all my wrong doings and past behavior. At one time I hated looking at my face in the mirror. At one time, I chose to believe the lies of Satan over the truth of God’s Word because I was selfish enough to desire other people’s words, that I have never received, over the words of the only One who is called Perfect.

At one time I felt very insecure about who I was. I chose to believe my insecurity over the Security that God had placed before me several times.  I chose to place my confidence in the hands of a person who would later disappoint me and hurt me, instead of God who has never done such a thing.

I could go one through out my short life many more paragraphs, but it all sums up to this: even though I have made many wrong choices, God still chose me. When I made idols, God chose me. When I cried in His arms, God chose me. When I sought my identity in other people and what they thought of me, God chose me. When I was in my darkest place of depression, God chose me. When I refused to eat my food, God chose me. When all the great relationships I once had ended, God chose me. When I was alone with my tears and thoughts, God chose me. And after all of this, my heart finally opened, and I chose God.

When I chose God, roots were being dug out of my heart. When I chose God, we dealt with those roots together. When I chose God, I believed then that He heard my prayers. When I chose God, my heart allowed His love to complete me. When I chose God, I found my identity. When I chose God, my heart began to heal. When I chose God, I forgave myself. When I chose God, my heart changed into a new creation. When I chose God, can now smile and be happy, be filled with joy, and mean every bit of it.

I choose God, because He first chose me.

Romans 5:8 .But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


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